>High Street

>King’s Lynn High Street goes from Tuesday Market Place to Saturday Market Place, and is a pedestrian street only – in my mind just as well, as it is a narrow street, and with traffic would be dangerous and noisy – as it is, it’s quite pleasant to walk along and look at the shops.

Starting at the “Tuesday” end you come to some fine old Bank buildings – one of which is now a Nando’s restaurant, but the architecture is the same. This top end of the street it is normally full of shoppers, many of whom park in Tuesday Market place. One interesting thing is two charity shops on either side of the road facing each other! I was also kind of amused to see an “Edinburgh Woolen Mill” shop here – 300 or so miles from Edinburgh! It’s also home to Marks & Spenser and McDonald’s which must be two of the most visited locations in town.

Shortly we have Norfolk Street on the right, and then we come to a collection of smaller shops, including a Chinese herbalist which I have yet to have the courage to go into! My experience with these places is mixed – I like the idea of them, but the one occasion I got something from one of them, the treatment was worse than the thing I was trying to cure!

This part of town is also the place where there are a number of phone shops – why they are co-located is interesting – is this a deliberate policy I wonder? And then two card shops face each other across the street – again I wonder if this is deliberate. This part of High Street is home to a number of clothing shops, and is consequently busy during shopping hours.

High Street is then crossed by New Conduit Street, and on the corner is a building which looks to me like it was designed to be a cinema – just something about the style of the place gives me that impression. Actually, it’s a men’s cloths store!

From here the street get quieter, and the main shopping attractions are a general store and a department store, although this are also a number of empty locations, including one large pub building which has been empty for a long time. It’s not all bad news, however, with one of the stores being newly redecorated, and recently opened as a cards and accessories shop.

As we reach the end of High Street there is another charity shop, and an “old fashioned” sweet shop, with jars of sweets that are sold loose. Then we come to the corner of Saturday Market place and the Wenns with their signs for forthcoming music acts.

The long term locals tell me that High street is not a patch on what it used to be, and I’m sure that is the case. But as one coming new to the town, I have to say that it has survived as a mixed community of shops a lot better than many High Streets I’ve seen, and remains an attractive place to visit.

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  1. Mary says:

    >I like the sound of that sweetie shop Derek. You could stand in there whilst they weigh the sweets out and feel like a toddler again.There is one in Yarmouth that Peter and I used to visit often just to get his aniseed balls 🙂

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