King’s Lynn – where and what

This blog started when I was living in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, UK (map) as a record of things that happened there. I no longer live in England, but I remember this area with a LOT of affection. Rather than close the blog when I left, I decided to use it to share some photo memories from my time in and around King’s Lynn.

King’s Lynn is a market town and ancient coastal port on The Wash. The North Norfolk Coast is an area of outstanding natural beauty, and is a mecca for tourists in the summer time.

The whole of this part of England is known as East Anglia, named after the ancient Anglo-Saxon “kingdom of the East Angles”. The Angles took their name from their homeland of Angeln, in Northern Germany.

Although the Port of King’s Lynn has declined, the town is still important as a market town for West Norfolk, is a centre for the arts and music, and has a number of festivals during the year. It sits at the mouth of the river Great Ouse, the 4th longest river in the United Kingdom.

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